Yesterday was a red letter day for T.O.P. In fact I’d like to call it an X and O day. Zarir was on the panel of eminent guest speakers for a TEDx conference in Mumbai held by the extremely hardworking kids & faculty of N.S.S. Hill Spring International School where the topic was Change Is “K”onstant.

For the uninitiated, TEDx is an international community that organises TED-style events anywhere and everywhere, celebrating locally driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage, with each event curating speakers on their own. It is in short a global initiative about ideas worth spreading. A new milestone has been reached, one billion views of TEDx views.

WOW, and to think that Zarir and T.O.P. now get to be heard on that global stage, definitely “cause célèbre”!!

The speakers, all brilliant, all masters in their own fields – doctors, advertising and digital marketing honchos. There were also advocates for changes in education, benefits of local and indigenous products, that are vital for craftsmen and the environment, speakers on the empowerment of women, and then there was US!

Zarir spoke on music and change, a topic that he lives everyday and one that defines T.O.P.’s goals & aspirations as artists & a band. He spoke about T.O.P’s school sessions, about how the band in their own small way is trying to bring about a change in today’s generation by taking the music to schools. He convincingly stressed on the winds of change and mindset changes that have to and thankfully, are taking place in the music industry in India today. That an English playing band like us can hold our own in this Bollywood-fixated environment speaks volumes! We see changes in the mindsets of parents too, they now let their children make career decisions based on their musical dreams.

Following the talk, we performed two songs: A brand new, unreleased song of ours titled ‘Heaven Sent’ which speaks about a topic we are all too familiar with today – terrorism. And the second track was ‘Save the World’ from our recently released debut album titled ‘#Dreamers #Believers #Lovers’ which speaks about awareness amongst today’s generation!

Needless to say, these last few months have been nothing short of overwhelming! From being nominated at the 2016 GiMA Awards to winning ‘Best Live Performing Act in Mumbai’ at the 2016 INCA Awards and now being invited to speak at our first TEDx conference! We’d like to thank everyone at Hill Spring International School for inviting us & having us be a part of it & of course, all our lovely fans for supporting us all along! It’s only going to get bigger & better from here on, so stay with us!

On another note, we’re playing at Shiro this Friday night (21st October) and we CANNOT WAIT! Don’t miss this show, we’d love to see all of you there!

Until then,

BassMan Loy