Music, specially rock music has always had a major influence on fashion. In fact the music icons through the years have been more than just musicians… they’ve had a certain swag, attitude, a certain coolness that set them apart from the rest. They boosted the fashion & trends of that time or inversely, whatever they wore became fashionable. Be it the ‘just got out of bed’ and thrown on whatever you found’ look to the eccentric concert outfits or signature eyewear of Sir Elton John.

Fashion houses, designers, have always looked to having people like these, or for that matter sports personalities, endorse their line of clothing and accessories. It is a fact, subconsciously and most times we end up cloning ourselves, be it ever so subtly like the people we admire.

T.O.P. covers such a vast genre of music, and each one of us has our own preferences.  Gavin and myself are into classic rock, Zee, Garth and Sam are into the newer bands, while Atish is a metal fan. In all this, we are constantly trying to infuse some semblance of unity in this diversity, specially when it comes to the clothes we wear at our gigs. The boys have always been image conscious and are really excited and honoured to have tied up with ‘The Bro Code’ to enhance our image with their cool and trendy fashion accessories!

The Bro Code is a company that aims to “bring dapper back” into men’s fashion. Covering everything from neckties to bow ties, cuff links to pocket squares, belts to scarves and everything in between!

So folks here’s another reason we would love to see all of you on the last Saturday of this month at the Frog, It’s the “Last Set” at this iconic venue, where we have played over 100 shows & spanned over 7 years; and also where you can check out the guys in their brand new accessories!

Let’s make it big! Until then……..

BassMan Loy