“On June 10, Christina Grimmie was shot three times by 27 year old Kevin James Loibl, while she signed autographs following her performance at The Plaza Live in Orlando. Aftermath – American heavy metal band Pantera, noting the similarities between Grimmie’s murder and the deaths of former guitarist Darrell Abbott and three others, urged concert promoters and club owners to impose better security measures to protect artists from “gun wielding fanatics”. Sadly that’s not the case and another rising star in Grimmie had to pay the consequences with her life. Something needs to change.” Source: Wikipedia

As a band, we love interacting with all you people – before, in between and after gigs. That personal dialogue and interaction is what we look forward to and in fact, all our music is centred around you. Thankfully, incidents such as these have not yet occurred here. The worst that has happened is throwing plastic bottles on stage and the crowd chanting ‘start the f#%£%*g music, start the f#%£*%g music’ at rock concerts.

It’s a sad sign of the times when bands have to be whisked away by bodyguards after gigs. In a way, it means the band has arrived, but for some of us, we miss the vibe and rapport that places like Jazz by the Bay and Blue Frog used to have.

Speaking of Blue Frog, that venue holds so many memories for all of us. For seven and half years, T.O.P. has played at this monster venue, month after month, year after year, every last Saturday. We looked forward to those Saturdays with so much anticipation! The feeling of meeting, greeting, and bumping into you guys and friends who have stood by us gig after gig meant the world to us. I can with all honesty say, we have always looked out for those familiar faces, spotting you all was so reassuring. It was as if T.O.P.’s very existence revolved around those nights, and in some ways it was true.

30th July, 2016 was a really sad day, our last and final gig at the Frog, the “Last Set” as it was referred to. All good things must come to an end, so the saying goes, but great things somehow seem to end sooner. We will always cherish the memories, “memories of the times that were”, especially the farewell turnout at that last gig. What a night it turned out to be, unforgettable!

However…..T.O.P has great news to share with all of you, the retro parties continue at Shiro in Worli! Really, really, looking forward to seeing all of you on Friday 26th, August. We need you there. We want you there! We hope this will be a great beginning to new chapters in the coming months. Together, let the music play on! Until we meet again on the 26th………

– BassMan Loy!